CHAP: October 2015 Meeting

The CISL HPC Advisory Panel (CHAP) met October 15, 2015, at the NCAR Mesa Lab to review and recommend allocations for computational requests from university researchers with NSF awards in the atmospheric or closely related sciences. The CHAP's focus continues to be on the computational experiments being proposed and their efficiency.

The panel dealt with requests that were 233% of available resources. As a result, steep cuts had to be made to almost all requests. The average award was 1.9 million core-hours; the largest amount awarded was 6.9 million core-hours. For some very large requests, only enough resources for one year were awarded. The constraint on resources is likely to persist for the next allocation meeting as well, which will be held in spring of 2016.

There were 59 CHAP requests from university researchers requesting large allocations; 52 requests received allocations. Requests totaled 202.6 million core-hours on Yellowstone, with requests ranging from a high of 16 million core-hours to a low of 287,000 core-hours. The median request size was 2.3 million core-hours.

The CHAP allocated approximately 97.6 million Yellowstone core-hours, with a median allocation of 1.3 million core-hours. The distribution of the October 2015 allocations is shown in the chart below.

October 2015 CHAP awards graph