CHAP: October 2008 University Allocations Summary

The CISL HPC Advisory Panel (CHAP) met on October 9, 2008, to review and recommend allocations for proposals from university researchers with an NSF award in the atmospheric or closely related sciences. The CHAP's focus continues to be on the computational experiments being proposed and their efficiency.

There were 45 proposals from university researchers whose research met the criteria listed above. Each proposal's research had already been successfully reviewed by the NSF, so it isn't surprising that all 45 proposals received at least a partial allocation.

Over 7 million GAUs (General Allocation Units) were requested and ranged from a high of 550,000 GAUs to a low of 12,000 GAUs. The median request size was 88,000 GAUs.

A little over 5 million GAUs were allocated by the CHAP and ranged from 400,000 GAUs to 8,000 GAUs. The median allocation was 72,000 GAUs. The distribution of allocations is given in the chart below.

Column chart of Oct. 2008 CHAP allocations

The CHAP was pleased with the large number of proposals from the university community responding to the availability of first IBM POWER6, at NCAR. For more information on bluefire and its use see:

CISL and NSF Presentations to CHAP

Report on Operations and Services (PDF), Tom Bettge, CISL
Report on Research and Development (PDF), Richard Loft, CISL
Overview of the Facility Preparation for bluefire (PDF), Gary New, CISL
NSF Update (PDF), Cliff Jacobs, NSF

CHAP Advisory Letter

October 13, 2008 (PDF), CHAP Chair