CISL High-performance computing Allocations Panel (CHAP)

CISL's advisory panel on high-performance computing and services is the CISL HPC Allocations Panel (CHAP). The CHAP's primary responsibility is to assess the merit of large computing requests for CISL supercomputers and related resources.

The panel accepts computing proposals from U.S. university researchers in the atmospheric and closely related sciences who are supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The CHAP recommends action with respect to a prospective user's request on the basis of the computational experimental design, computational effectiveness, and availability of computing resources.

The deadline for submitting Large Allocation Requests is September 14, 2021.

Derecho allocations

Allocations for use of the Derecho system will be made in the spring of 2022 rather than fall of 2021, as noted in the Daily Bulletin. The schedule for submitting Accelerated Scientific Discovery (ASD) project proposals has not changed. See NCAR lab ASD proposals and university community ASD proposals for details.

CHAP members, most of whom are from the university community, are appointed to three-year terms by the CISL Director. Meetings are scheduled twice a year, usually in May and October. NSF's program coordinator for the NCAR and Facilities Section attends the semi-annual meetings and provides guidance from the NSF. 

Core-hours Allocated and Used by University Projects, FY2013-present

University allocations and use from FY2013-FY2020