The OASIS3-MCT Parallel Coupler


Sophie Valcke

Sophie Valcke
Toulouse, France


OASIS3-MCT_2.0, the new version of the OASIS coupler interfaced with MCT (Model Coupling Toolkit) released in May 2013, offers today a fully parallel implementation of coupling field regridding and exchange. In spite of the significant changes in underlying implementation, usage of OASIS3-MCT in the component code has largely remained unchanged with respect to the previous version of the coupler. This means that the migration to the new OASIS3-MCT coupler should be almost transparent for the ~35 climate modelling groups using OASIS around the world. The scalability tests done with OASIS3-MCT_2.0 at high number of cores and the fact that it supports unstructured grids allow us to conclude that this coupler offers today a fully parallel and efficient coupling solution answering the short and mid term (~5 years, next IPCC report) needs of the European climate modelling community.