The European Infrastructure for Earth System Modeling, IS-ENES


Silvie Joussaume

Sylvie Joussaume


European climate modelling groups joined together in 2001 to create the European Network for Earth System Modelling (ENES) with the objectives of helping the development and evaluation of climate models of the Earth system, encouraging the exchange of software and model results and promoting the development of high-performance computing facilities. The EU funded project IS-ENES, Infrastructure for ENES (1rst phase 2009-2013, 2nd phase 2013-2017), aims to promote the development of a common distributed climate modeling research infrastructure in Europe in order to facilitate the development and exploitation of climate models and better fulfill the societal needs with regards to climate change issue ( IS-ENES supports the integration of the European climate modeling community and recently issued the “Infrastructure strategy for the European Earth System modeling Community: 2012-2022”. It also supports the dissemination of European climate model results from the international WCRP CMIP5 and CORDEX experiments developed in preparation of the IPCC 5th Assessment Report. IS-ENES also aims at enhancing model development and software sharing and supports the preparation of high-end simulations and the use of high-performance computing.