The Development of Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Services for the Earth Sciences at the National Supercomputing Center of Korea


Misnu Joh

Minsu Joh
National Institute of Supercomputing and Networking, KISTI
Daejeon, Korea


The Korea Supercomputing Promotion Act,  titled Utilization and Promotion of National Spercomputing, was enacted on June 7th, 2011. Subsequently, the KISTI supercomputing center was appointed as the national supercomputing center in 2012, and then the supercomputing center and networking center merged to become the NISN on January 1, 2013.

Since 188, the largest user group of KISTI's supercomputing services has been atmospheric scientists. We have been trying to develop user-friendly modeling and simulation environments and huge data analysis tools using the web service and visualization technologies.

For over 12 years we have been developing web-based portal and scientific visualization systems for weather and climate scientists. At last, we finished a WRF portal and a GRIMs portal in 2012. The computing system used is TAHYON2-Sun Blade 6275, one of supercomputing systems in NISN of KISTI. Our next plan is to merge the WRF and GRIMs portals into a single portal and develop other portals for MOM and ROMS.

We also have been trying to extend the user's ability to analyze their huge simulation data using high-end visualization tools. One of the tools we selected as a scientific visualization service is VAPOR. Over the three years, we have enhanced the visualization function of VAPOR for ocean data generated by different models in a same visualization window.