Australian Computational Climate and Weather Advances


Tim Pugh

Tim F. Pugh
Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Melbourne, Australia


The Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator (ACCESS) is a coupled climate and earth system simulator developed as a joint initiative of the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO in cooperation with the Australian Government and university community to be the national climate and earth system modelling infrastructure supporting research and operational needs of the nation. 

The ACCESS system consists of data assimilation and model components for atmosphere, ocean, marine, land surface, sea ice, chemical and ecosystem modelling components, working together in a closed feedback loop to better simulate the environment for weather and climate applications across all time scales.

We’ll provide an update on the computational earth system modelling advances in the ACCESS program and survey the climate and weather modelling activities within Australia.  In additional, we discuss the advances in end-to-end simulation infrastructure and computing facilities to support the climate and weather community. And finally we’ll discuss the next challenges and steps to advance earth system modelling to meet future computing architectures.