NCAR Hosts Data Assimilation Summer School
CISL's IMAGe staff were among the presenters introducing data assimilation methods to 28 participants from around the world
CISL Contributes New Animation to NOAA’s Science on a Sphere
Matt Rehme's first NCAR animation becomes available to audiences around the world
Exposure of U.S. population to extreme heat could quadruple by mid-century
The interaction of a warming climate with a growing, shifting population could subject more people to sweltering conditions.
CISL hosts diversity students at 2015 SEA conference
CISL, in partnership with NCAR’s Advanced Study Program, supported undergraduate and graduate students attending the annual conference of the UCAR Software Engineering Assembly (SEA).
2015 SEA conference focuses on Python
The 2015 UCAR Software Engineering Assembly (SEA) conference dedicated all 9 programming tracks to applications of the Python programming language for scientific computing.
NWSC receives upgrades, prepares for next supercomputer
NWSC staff have been busy readying the center for the next procurement, and adding time- and money-saving upgrades
Using Pi’s to calculate π: an update
Last month we announced how CISL would celebrate Pi Day - 3/14/15 - by calculating π on what else, our Raspberry Pi cluster. Here’s an update on what happened when we tried!
CISL Outreach Connects with Minority Serving Computer Science Departments at ADMI 2015
The conference focuses on exploring and providing remedies to the educational issues in computer/information science and computer engineering that confront minority institutions of higher education.
Bluefire imprint on the computer room floor
Bluefire’s contribution to supercomputing at NCAR
Bluefire has left the building, but not without leaving its mark on supercomputing history at NCAR. Imprints in the computer room floor tiles show the weight of its densely packed cabinets.
Students Dream Big at Wyoming State Science Fair
What snow barrier works best? Could Wyoming be home to future Martians? How can I help the visually impaired? Just some of the questions asked by Wyoming student scientists in this year's Science Fair