Local System Support at UCAR

Need help?

In most cases, you should contact your own division or program's systems administrators first with any security-related questions. Your own systems administrators know your computer's configuration, and your computing needs, better than we do, and will be able to advise you on security practices.

For your convenience, we provide the following list of UCAR/NCAR groups, divisions, and programs, with links to support pages.  If your group is not listed, please ask your local administrative support staff, and let us know so we can update the list.

In the event of a computer security emergency, please contact the CISL Help Desk at x2400.

Group/Division/Program Name Contact link
NCAR Directorate, including ASP, ISP, etc. http://www.cisl.ucar.edu/help/
NCAR Library http://www.fin.ucar.edu/it/
NCAR/CISL http://www.cisl.ucar.edu/help/
NCAR/EOL http://www.eol.ucar.edu/about/technical-support
NCAR/HAO http://www.hao.ucar.edu/csmt/index.php
NCAR/ACOM https://www2.acom.ucar.edu/help
NCAR/CGD http://www.cgd.ucar.edu/help/
NCAR/MMM http://www.mmm.ucar.edu/staff/computing/index.php
NCAR/RAL http://www.ral.ucar.edu/snat/
UCAR President's Office http://www.fin.ucar.edu/it/
UCAR Corporate Affairs http://www.fin.ucar.edu/it/
UCAR Finance & Administration http://www.fin.ucar.edu/it/
UCP Director's Office http://www.fin.ucar.edu/it/
UCP/COMET http://www.comet.ucar.edu/help (help@comet.ucar.edu)
UCP/COSMIC cosmic-sys@ucar.edu
UCP/DLS pchelp@dls.ucar.edu
UCP/GLOBE pchelp@globe.gov
UCP/JOSS http://www.joss.ucar.edu/help ( help@joss.ucar.edu )
UCP/NSDL pchelp@dls.ucar.edu
UCP/Unidata mschmidt@ucar.edu
UCP/VSP vsphelp@ucar.edu